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12/31/10 Jordee spent the last days of 2010 collecting another two BOS wins, a Select Bitch win
and a BOB win under judge Rick Gschwender!

12/19/10 Sabina was BOB and a new GCH and Finn was BOS at the Delaware Water Gap KC
show, while Millie was WB, BOW for a 4 point major from the 6-9 puppy bitch class under judge
Chuck Winslow.  Millie was just 6 months, 1 day old!  A great ending to the 2010 show year!

12/18/10 Sneakers won BOB at the Lehigh Valley KC show under judge Audrey Lycan!  Sabina
was Select Bitch.

12/11/10 Trident was BOS in Providence, RI under judge Eugene Haupt, and Sawyer was Best
Puppy!  Bridget was Reserve Winners Bitch.  Jordee finished her GCH at just 17 months of age!!

12/10/10 Bodhi picked up another Select Dog win in Providence, RI under judge John Connelly.

12/5/10 Trident picked up another 2 Select Dog wins at the Worcester County KC show in
Fitchburg, MA under judges Peter Baynes and Susan Godek.

11/28/10 To round out the weekend, on Sunday, Trident and Sabina were Select Dog and Bitch
respectively under judge Sulie Greendale-Paveza.

11/27/10 At the South Windsor KC show on Friday in West Springfield, Trident was again BOB
under judge Barbara Dempsey Alderman, and Sabina was BOS.  Bodhi was Select Dog in MA,
while Sneakers and Kandy also won a Select Dog in West Friendship, MD!

11/26/10 On Friday at the Windham County KC show, Trident was again BOB under judge Roger
Gifford and went on to a Group 4! Sabina and Finn won Select Bitch and Dog.

11/25/10 The Tempest crew celebrated Thanksgiving at the Holyoke KC dog show in West
Springfield, MA, where Trident won BOB and Finn was Select Dog.  Bridget was RWB and Best
BBE and she won a 3rd place in the BBE Working Group!  Go Bridget and Steve!

11/21/10 Falcon won a 3rd major to finish his Championship under judge Charles Olvis again
going WD, BOW, BOB!  Congrats to Donna and Falcon!  Jordee finished the weekend with a BOS
under judge Robert Stein!

11/20/10 Falcon won a 2nd major under judge Jan Sigler, going WD, BOW, BOB in Ocala!  Jordee
was once again BOB in Roseburg, OR under judge Gerard Penta.

11/19/10 Falcon won a 4 point major in Ocala, Fl owner-handled by Donna Smith!  Jordee was
again BOB in Roseburg, OR under judge Mary Ann Alston.

11/18/10 Falcon won a 4 point major in Ocala, Fl owner-handled by Donna Smith!  Jordee was
BOB in Roseburg, OR under judge Virginia Lyne!

11/14/10 Ludo won a Puppy Working Group at his first match, owner-handled by Crystal
Williams.  This was their first time in the ring!  Critter won another major going WB, and BOS
over 2 bitch specials for 4 points to finish her Championship!

11/12/10 Bodhi again won BOB at the Souhegan KC show in Fitchburg under judge Robert
Vandiver.  Go Bodhi!  Bodhi is handled by Mark Desroisers.

11/11/10 Bodhi won BOB at the Cheshire KC show in Fitchburg, MA under judge Helene Nietsch!

11/7/10 Margaret made her show debut at a match in CA where she won Best Puppy in the
Working Group!  In Fort Wayne, IN, Critter won a 3 point major handled by Colton Johnson.

10/30/10 Walter won another AOM in Dixon under judge Atilla Soos, while Jordee was BOS!  In
Massachusetts, Shelby was BOS, and Sawyer was Reserve Winners Dog.

10/29/10 In Dixon, CA at the NCNC Regional Specialty, Walter won and AOM, and Jordee was
Select Bitch and AOM under judge Janet Cohen.

10/25/10 On Sunday, under judge Ruth Zimmerman, Shelby was BOS, and Fancy was once again
WB for the last point to compete her Championship!  On the West Coast, in Reno, NV, Jordee
won WB, BOW for another new Champion!

10/24/10 Shelby was BOB again and Fancy was WB in Buena, NJ under judge Paula Nykiel.

10/23/10 Shelby was BOB in Buena, NJ, and Fancy was WB, BOW for another point!  Walter was
BOB under judge John Ramirez in Reno, NV!

10/18/10 Shelby was BOS in Augusta, NJ, while Tink won 2 more points in CA and Grover
finished his RA in three straight shows!!

10/8/10 Millie was Best Puppy at the NCNE Fun Match under judge Diane Keyser and Ludo was
Best of Opposite Sex Puppy!

10/7/10 At the NPD Regional Specialty at Morris & Essex, Andie was Best Veteran and won Select
Bitch, Shelby won an AOM under judge John Reeve-Newson and Zoey won another Sweepstakes
under breeder judge Kelly Lepore!

10/3/10 Shelby was BOS, Dottie was Select Bitch and Sawyer was RWD under judge William
Sahloff.  On the West Coast, Walter was owner handled to another BOB win under judge
Lawrence Stanbridge and went on to a Group 3 under judge Lee Anthony Reasin!  What a great

10/2/10 At the Genessee Regional Specialty, Skipjack won BOS in the Sweepstakes and WD,
BOW for a 4 point major!  Zoey was WB for another major and Shelby won BOS.  Dottie was
Select Bitch for another Grand Champion major win.  On the West Coast, Walter won BOB under
judge Lee Anthony Reasin, again owner handled by his Mom Deb!

10/1/10 Shelby won BOB in a large competitive entry of specials under judge Brian Meyer and
earned the final win for her Grand Championship.  Zoey was WB, BOW for a 4 point major!  
Dottie was Select Bitch for a Grand Champion major win!

9/30/10 The Tempest Crew had a fabulous weekend at Wine Country!  On Thursday, Tipper was
WB in the pouring rain for a 4 point major and her Championship under judge Anitra Cuneo!  
Tipper is Ashley's 16th Champion.  Shelby was BOS.

9/26/10 Shelby won BOB, Trident was BOS and Zoey won the point at the Northwestern CT DC
show in Goshen, CT under judge Helene Nietsch.

9/25/10 Trident was BOB and Shelby was BOS, while Bridget won her first point at the Ox Ridge
KC show under judge Robert Sharp.

9/19/10 Sabina won a Grand Champion Select and Andie was Best Veteran and won an AOM at
the South Shore KC show and Newfoundland Specialty under judge Dorothy Collier!  On the West
Coast, Walter won BOB owner-handled by Deb!  And in HUGE news from the Colonial Water
Test, Sneakers earned his WRD to complete the requirements for his VN!  Woo-hoo!  Congrats to
Sneakers and his mom/handler Kandy!

9/18/10 Zoey won Best In Sweepstakes at the Cape Cod KC show under breeder judge Marget
Johnson, and Sabina was BOS under judge Betty McDonnell!

8/29/10 Sabina moved up to BOB in MA, while Falcon was WD, BOW for the third day in a row in
Atlanta, GA.  Falcon picked up three points, two of them owner-handled!

8/28/10 Sabina was WB for the last point to finish her Championship in Springfield, MA under
judge Gay Hisatake!  Trident was BOB and went on to a Group 4 and Shelby was BOS.  

8/22/10 Tipper was again WB, BOW, BOS for her last single point - she now just needs a major
win to finish her Championship.  Trident was BOB and Andie was again Best Veteran.  Phoenix re-
qualified for his WRD at the Colonial Water Test!!  Congrats to all!

8/21/10 Trident was BOB and Tipper was WB, BOW, BOS for another point in Fitchburg, MA
under judge Eric Liebes, while Andie was Best Veteran and won the Veteran Working Group on
her 7th birthday!  In other excellent news of the day, Jordee won a 5 point major going BOB
over specials under judge Steven Gladstone in Reno, NV, and Falcon and Sneakers earned their
WD titles at the Colonial Water Test at Codorus State Park.  What a great day!!

8/14/10 Tipper and Trident earned their Water Dog titles this weekend at the NCNE water test,
while Fancy picked up another point in Harrisburg, PA.  And Tink won her first point in CA!!
Congrats on a GREAT weekend!

8/8/10 Quincy won another point to complete his Championship under judge Ed Lyons at the
Cheshire KC show in Keene, NH!!  Trident was again BOB and Shelby was BOS.

8/7/10 Trident won BOB, Shelby was BOS, Tipper was WB for another point, and Quincy was
WD, BOW under judge Susan Godek at Pioneer Valley KC in Greenfield, MA.

7/23/10 Tipper was WB for another point and Shelby was BOB under judge Sulie
Greendale-Paveza at the Putnam KC show in Stormville, NY

7/17/10 Trident was Select Dog under Breeder Judge Lynne Anderson in Essex Junction , VT!

7/11/10 The final day of the Yankee Classic, Shelby won BOS, Trident won a Select Dog Award
and Zoey was Best Puppy :)

7/10/10 Trident was BOB, Shelby was BOS and Quincy won another point under Charlotte
Clem-McGowan at the Yankee Classic.

7/9/10 Shelby won yet another BOS under judge John L Ronald at the Yankee Classic in West
Springfield, MA.

7/8/10 Fancy won her second major in West Friendship MD owner handled by Kandy Adams.  The
judge was Jean Pero.   This is Fancy's second major!!!

7/3/10 Shelby won another BOS in Wrentham under judge Alberto Berrios.

6/26/10 Mackenzie won Best of Opposite Sex in Sweeps and Reserve Winners Bitch at the Bear
Mtn Regional under judge Patricia Mowbray-Morgan, while Kellye was again BOS!  Congrats to
the girls!

6/25/10 Kellye won Best of Opposite Sex at the Bear Mtn Supported Entry at New Paltz under
judge Robert Eisele.

6/18/10 Renata is the proud mom of 12 new puppies - 7 boys and 5 girls!  Walter won the Breed
today in CA and is now going to take a much deserved summer break for water training!!

6/13/10 Walter won another BOB under judge Helene Nietsch and a Group 3 under Charles Olvis.
 Congrats to Walter for sweeping another 4 day weekend!

6/12/10 Mackenzie won the Breed, Best Puppy and a Puppy Group 2 at the Greenwich KC show
in East Norwalk, CT under breed judge Edeltraud Laurin!  On the West Coast, Walter was back in
Vallejo winning another BOB under judge Diane Price and Group 4 under Paula Nykiel!

6/11/10 Walter won another BOB under judge Paula Nykiel, while Jordee went WB, and BOS
from the 9-12 puppy bitch class for a 3 point major!

6/10/10 Walter won the Breed and a Group 4 in Vallejo, CA under judge Sulie Greendale-Paveza.

6/6/10 Fancy won a major in Wrightstown, PA under judge Judith Goodin owner handled by
Kandy Adams - Go Fancy and Kandy!!

6/5/10 Shirley is the proud mom of two girls and a boy!  Shelby won BOS in Wrentham, MA both
Saturday and Sunday and is 5 points closer to her Grand Champion title.

5/30/10 Walter won another BOB under judge Sharon Weston and a Group 4 under Nancy Liebes.
 Walter also picked up another BOB under Mrs Liebes on Monday.  A great holiday weekend for

5/29/10 Walter won the Breed and a Group 3 at the Hangtown KC of Placerville, CA on Saturday
under judge Eric Liebes in the Breed, and Patricia Gellerman in the Group!  It was a very happy
3rd birthday for Walter!

5/23/10 Walter won another BOB (and a second major toward his Grand Championship) on his
way to a Group 2 under Canadian judge Michael Chaloux.  Go Walter and Sonda!  And congrats to
Walter's support team - Debbie and Todd - too :)

5/22/10 Walter won the Breed in Vallejo, CA at the Coyote Hills KC and then went on to win the
Working Group all under judge Jane Roppollo!  Thanks to Sonda Petersen for a great job handling

5/21/10 Quincy picked up two single points on Thursday and Friday in Maine handled by Sue
Mendleson, while Ben and Bob Regina won BOB at the Oyster Bay KC show in NY!  Go Quincy and

5/16/10 Joanne Thibault handled the Tempest crew to some big wins this weekend!  Critter
picked up two single points going WB, BOS each day at the St Hubert KC and Windham County
KC shows, while Trident went BOB and Group 3 under judge Dr Michael Woods!  Go Joanne,
Critter and Tri!!!

5/15/10 Fancy won BOB at Chester Valley KC from the classes (and 2 points!).  Fancy was shown
by her owner Kandy Adams!!

5/8/10 Finally on Saturday Jessie and Kellye won the Open Senior class and went on to Best
Junior, and finished up a great day by winning a SELECT Award!  A great job was also done by
Joanne Thibault showing both Dottie and Trident through several cuts in the Breed.

5/7/10 In bitch judging, Mackenzie again won a big 9-12 class, while her sister Zoey came in 3rd.
 Kendall took home a 4th in 12-18 months, while Sabina won the American Bred class.  Ashley
again took home a 4th place ribbon in an even tougher 7-9 yrs Veteran Bitch class, and the
Tempest crew won the Breeder's Class with Sabina, Shelby and Shirley! The highlight of the
National was the NEWFYWOOD Top 20 event on Thursday night and seeing Kellye and Shelby

5/6/10 In dog judging, Quincy won the 12-18 dog class under breeder judge Jim Bricknell and
then went on to Reserve Winners Dog!  Jackson came in 3rd in the Stud Dog class with Sabina
and Mackenzie.

5/5/10 The Tempest crew made it to the National in Frankenmuth, MI and started the week with
Sweepstakes.  Quincy was 3rd in the 15-18 mos dogs Sweeps class under judge Cindy Flowers.
Mackenzie won the 9-12 month bitch Sweeps class while her sister Kelsey was 4th.  In 15-18
most girls, Sabina was 2nd and Kendall was 3rd, all under judge Denise Castonguay.  Ashley took
home a 4th place ribbon in a VERY tough 7-8 yrs Veteran Bitch class.

4/18/10 Finally on Sunday it was Kendall's turn to win a 5 point major and finish her
Championship.  Kendall finished in just 9 shows.  Renata was BOS under judge Kimberly Meredith

4/17/10 Saturday was Dottie's day to shine under judge Terry Temple - Dottie won a 5 point
major going WB and BOW in tough competition to finish her Championship!  Thanks to Karen
Mammano for showing Dottie.  Ashley was again Best Veteran Bitch in the Veteran Sweepstakes!

4/16/10 The Tempest crew had a GREAT weekend in Harrisburg, PA for back to back Regional
Specialties.  On Friday, Sabina was WB and Best in Sweepstakes for a 5 point major, while her
mother Renata won the Breed under judge Maredith Reggie.  Ashley was Best Veteran Bitch in
the Veteran Sweepstakes!

4/11/10 Quincy was WD, BOW and Tipper was WB for two 3 point majors under judge Nikki
Riggsbee in West Springfield, MA, while Trident was BOS.  Renata was BOB and went on to a
Group 3!  In addition, Sneakers and Fancy both earned Canine Freestyle titles this weekend!  Go
Tempest crew!

4/10/10 Trident won BOB and a Group 3 at the Troy KC show in West Springfield, MA under
judge Patricia Leakey-Brenner.  Tri was handled by junior handler Joanne Thibault!

4/3/10 Walter took his winning streak up north to Canada and was WD, BOW at the Canadian
National Specialty in British Colombia.  Back in the states, Renata was BOS Thursday, Friday and
Saturday in Syracuse, NY.

3/28/10 Walter had a GREAT weekend in Vallejo CA - sweeping BOB at 4 days of shows!  Go
Walter and Sonda and thanks to team Bridge for keeping Walter at the top of his game.

3/21/10 On Sunday at CT River, Kendall was Reserve Winners Bitch from the 12-18 mos class
under judge Kimberly Meredith-Cavanna, and Zoey was Best Puppy!

3/20/10 The Tempest crew had a great weekend in Springfield, MA at the CT River Working
Group shows.  On Saturday, Quincy won Best in Sweeps under judge Karen Billings and was also
Reserve Winners Dog to Skipjack who won his first points - a 5 point major! - from the 6-9
puppy dog class under James Noe.  Kendall was Winners Bitch and Best of Winners for another 5
point major and Zoey was Reserve Winners Bitch from the 6-9 puppy class.  To finish off the
day, Renata won BOB and Kel and Jessie won an AOM!

3/19/10 Fancy won three Reserves in York, PA and earned three Rally Novice legs to finish her
title at the tender age of 15 months!

3/13/10 Renata was BOB and Zoey was RWB and Best Puppy at the Monticello NY KC show under
judge Thomas Feneis.

3/7/10 Shelby, Kellye and Bodhi made the NCA's Top 20 Newfoundlands for 2009 and are invited
to a special "Newfywood" event at the 2010 National!  AND - Livy was awarded NCA's Top
Producing Dam for 2010! Thanks to Jessie and Jane Thibault and Cathy and Jeff Gibson for all
their hard work with Kellye and Bodhi, and to Jackson, Shirley, Peyton, Walter and Stonewall
for helping Livy achieve her Top Producer status!!!

3/7/10 Zoey was BOS Puppy in Match at the NCNE Cabin Fever Blow-Out in Hookset, NH.

2/28/10 Kellye won BOB at Rockland County KC under judge Sharol Candace Way and went on to
a Group 4 Placement with junior handler Jessie Thibault - GO JESS!! Cara was Reserve Winners
Bitch at her very first show weekend :)

2/27/10 Kellye was BOS in Suffern, NY at the Rockland County KC show under Ed Lyons, and
Critter won a point under the same judge.  On the other coast, Walter again won BOB in San

2/26/10 Walter won the Newf Club of Southern CA Regional Specialty under judge Phyllis
Wolfish in San Diego, CA.  GO WALTER!!!!

2/21/10 Renata was again BOS under judge Victor Clemente.

2/20/10 Dottie won her third major in Hartford, CT under judge William deVilleneuve, while her
Mom Renata was BOS!

2/13/10 Jordee won her first 2 points in Albany, OR under judge Christie Smith! She was also
BOS! Jordee was owner handled by Catherine.

1/31/10 On Sunday under judge William Hossler, Renata won BOS, Dottie won 12-18 mos bitch,
Kelsey won 6-9 mos puppy bitch and Skipjack won 6-9 mos puppy dog.

1/30/10 At the Northland Regional Specialty in Queensbury, NY, Dottie won Best in Sweeps
under Breeder Judge Barbara Frey and Winners Bitch for a 3 point major under breed judge
Beverly Capstick. Zoey won the 6-9 puppy bitch regular class, Kelsey won the 6-9 bitch puppy
sweeps class and Skipjack won 6-9 puppy dog in both.  To top it all off, Renata won the Breed at
the Regional!

1/20/10 Jordee went BOS in the Sweepstakes at the PONC Regional Specialty under breeder
judge Chris Lyden!

1/18/10 Kelly won BOS under judge Gary Bassett, while Quincy was again Winners Dog for 2
more points.  Critter won her first point going Winners Bitch, Best of Winners under judge Al
Holabach, handled Joanne Thibault!

1/17/10 Shelby won BOS under judge Al Holabach, and Quincy and Dottie were Reserve Winners
Dog and Reserve Winners Bitch.

1/16/10 Shelby won BOB the second day in Fitchburg under judge Charlotte Clem McGowan,
while Quincy won Winners Dog and Best of Winners for a three point major!

1/15/10 Kelly won BOB in Fitchburg, MA under judge Ian Ronald Luke.  Zoey went to her first
show and she won her first point going Winners Bitch, Best Puppy and won the Puppy Working
Group!  Go Zoey!

1/10/10 Peyton won the Breed in Palm Springs in tough competition under judge Stan Zielinski!  
On the east coast, Kendall picked up another point at the Sawmill KC show under judge Karen
Riddle, and Shelby won BOS.

1/9/10 We started 2010 slowly with the CT River Working Group Match judged by Sara
Gregware, and Zoey won Best of Breed Puppy and a Puppy Working Group 2!

1/1/10 Happy 2010 from the Tempest Crew!!