About Us

Steve and Dejah Petsch acquired their first Newfoundland in 1994 when Dejah bought Steve a
Newf puppy as her wedding gift to him.  In 2004, Steve and Dejah celebrated their 10th
wedding anniversary by whelping their first litter of puppies, and "Tempest Newfoundlands"
became a reality.  Steve and Dejah's admiration and love for the Newfoundland breed has
turned into a virtual obsession, leading to interests in breeding, conformation, water work,
draft work and all other activities Newfoundlands take part in.  Steve and Dejah are members
of the Newfoundland Club of New England (NCNE), the Newfoundland Club of America (NCA)
and are associate members of the Portuguese Water Dog Club of America.  In addition, Dejah
has served on the Board of Directors of the NCNE for 5 years and has served as President for
the past 2 years.  Dejah also co-chairs the committee for General Education at the NCA.  Steve
is currently the editor of the NCNE bi-monthly newsletter NewfPrints.  Steve has owner-handled
Newfoundland dogs in conformation for several years and has developed a real love for the
show ring.  He also takes part in obedience and water work, but finds it more amusing to watch
Dejah take on draft work.  Dejah has exhibited Newfs in agility, obedience, water and draft
work and has earned titles with her Newfs in each venue.  In his alternative life, Steve is a
geology professor at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst, MA, and Dejah works in the
Project and Portfolio Management division of Bristol-Myers Squibb.  Steve and Dejah attended
Penn State and met as undergraduates there, and after marrying, moved to Connecticut with
their first Newf, Oberon.  Steve and Dejah and their 9 Newfs and 1 Portuguese Water Dog are
currently located in Ashford, CT.
Steve and Dejah LOVE to talk about Newfoundlands and welcome any questions about the
breed.  You can email Steve at
steve@tempestnewfoundlands.com or Dejah at